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Thank you so much for hosting a stop for this national tour! 


I can't tell you how much we appreciate it.  This is easily the largest thing we have ever done, in the shortest amount of time. I will do my best to communicate well. Thank you in advance for your patience.


Each stop so far has been so powerful and fruitful...and I know yours will be no different. This is such a critical time in our nation. I believe with all my heart that the stakes perhaps have never been higher.


Thanks again for saying yes to this.

Below are a few event details and answers to the most commonly asked questions by hosts that we have been receiving.  These logistical considerations will help make the stop as impactful as possible.



I will be working hard to get the word out through my social media and our email list.  If you can help spread the word in your sphere as well, I would be so grateful.

To help this we have produced 3 promotional elements: a video, a poster (letter) and a slide.

VIDEO: The video can be downloaded here.

GRAPHICS: The graphic for your stop is in this folder: here.  Please look for the date and name that corresponds to you.  They are listed in order by date.  If you see an error on your event promo material please alert us by emailing and Jenna will send you a replacement ASAP.


I will try to arrive at least 1.15 hours before the start time to ensure that everything is set up, that the technical elements are working and that volunteers are briefed and ready for when people begin to arrive.  If this is an issue, just let me know.



My presentation is quite complex with almost 80 slides and videos.  I am going to give you my “best case” scenario set up, but I can adapt if this is not possible.


BEST CHOICE: Running my Macbook from the front myself with projector and audio feed.


SECOND BEST: The 2nd best approach would be having my computer in the sound booth (or another computer that can use Keynote) with a remote control clicker. I will bring a clicker just in case this is the option you prefer.


LAST OPTION:  If the only option is having the sound person run the presentation, I will do a live intro, do the the “data heavy” part by pre-recorded video and do a live close.  


Please let me know if the "best option" (running the computer from the podium) will work.




I have found that we normally need 3-4 long tables for the information station at the back of the room or entranceway.  This amount of tables will be sufficient in stops that expect 100-300 people.  If you expect more than this, another table may be wise to avoid long line ups after the meeting. 


Unfortunately, my team will not be able to travel with me for most of the tour.


I am wondering if it may be possible to have 3-4 volunteers to help at the information tables with one of them being a "captain"?  This will be sufficient for stops that are expecting 100-300 people.  If we can brief the "captain" prior, this would be optimal.

For stops that are expecting more than this, at least a half dozen volunteers on the back table would be wise.

Bonus: Another element that makes the event go much smoother is if we can have a few laptops available for people to fill out an online form after the event if they want to respond. I will be traveling with one laptop.  


All the above will make for a super smooth flow and less post event data entry, but I completely understand if any of the above elements it is not possible.  Just let me know so I can be prepared.

Click here for volunteer briefing letter.



I have found that this is a wonderful flow:

1. Open doors at least 20 minutes before start time.

2. Host welcomes everyone.


3. Start on time with 2 songs (a hymn and national anthem is wonderful).  If a musician is available to do this, that is wonderful.  If not, I have a video I can play before the host comes. 


4. Presentation 

5. Response (See volunteer briefing letter above for critical info on this moment.)


I will book my own accommodation and in most cases, I will have someone who can pick me up from where I am staying. If my transportation falls through, I will take a cab or let you know promptly in the chance that you or someone from your team may be available to help.



If your venue is one that would need translation, I am more than able to do the presentation with a translator as long as the host can provide one.  In this case I will use a shorter presentation with French slides.  Please let me know if this is your preference. 



Lastly,  since there is a strong call to action in the presentation that touches the governmental sphere, I am advising that we ensure people know this is a 4 My Canada tour event.  Since we are a non-profit (not a charity), we can do this sort of thing with no issue. I am also sure to say that the views expressed in this presentation are mine and do not necessarily reflect the views of my host :). Let me know if you would like to discuss this aspect further.


Thank you so much for hosting us!  I am so humbled, grateful and touched.


The urgency in my spirit is so high with this message, I am so grateful to be able to come to your area.


Bless you!!


If you need anything at all, just email or text me at 613-552-5572.



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