4MY CANADA (or the MY Canada Association) stands for Motivated Young People for a Strong Canada.

4MY CANADA is not affiliated with any political party. We meet with, work with and support any Member of Parliament from any party who is advancing policy we are excited about.

4MY CANADA is faith-based but nondenominational. We are a group of young leaders in Canada from many Christian perspectives that have a heart to walk in unity for a greater purpose: Seeing Canada make choices which will lead to a strong Canada for generations to come (our generation and our children’s).


4MY CANADA is committed to educating Canadians on how they can shape Canada in a positive way and practically mobilizing them to do it! This includes: educating Canadians on some of the legislative issues facing the nation today, educating Canadians on how they can be a part of shaping Canada through voting, volunteering and engaging in democracy, and helping to bridge the gap and connect young adult Canadians with their Members to share their hearts on the things they care about and to serve them in practical ways.