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4 MY Canada
Statement of Approach
For the 44th General Election



With none of the parties with seats in the House of Commons currently having a leader who is pro-life, pro-freedom, pro-financial stewardship AND pro-faith -- it goes without saying that there is no perfect voting opportunity in this election. This is often the case with politics. Given this, a wise approach is to look at how you (and we together) can have the greatest impact for the sake of the nation as a whole.




Because of this, we are choosing to have an individual candidate approach to this federal election. We are looking to get behind great candidates that we have strong confidence in to vote pro-life, pro-freedom, pro-fiscal stewardship and pro-faith when given the chance.


We also want to focus on those who are in tight races (swing ridings).




Simply put: because our resources as a movement are finite, we need to focus on the ridings where we can have the greatest impact for the entire nation.

We will be watching the polls closely and making adjustments as we go.

If candidates fit the description we are looking for, we will be eager to recommend you consider supporting them no matter what party they are from.

After much consideration of the current landscape, this is the approach we feel to take 'in' this election. If you agree, please feel free to engage with us! If you don't agree, we understand and completely respect that. We only ask that you show kindness to those who have a different approach.



Election time can get intense and nasty - particularly given the many sensitive issues our nation is facing right now. Let's do our part to change that culture by being humble, kind and gracious with one another and with those we connect with as we volunteer. This election is a great opportunity to SHINE and show love to those who see things differently.

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