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Here is the Voter's Guide:

Our Assessment

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Score Card

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This voter’s guide was developed by our leadership team after personal contact with various candidates, close observations in the public square during in person and online presentations and during live debates.


It is also based on the honest gut intuition and discernment of our team. As such, the measuring tools have been both logical and subjective. We share these observations for those in our network who trust our perspectives.

At the end of the day, each person needs to prayerfully consider what they know of each candidate and do what they sense in their heart is right as far as voting order in this election.  Please feel free to take, or leave, our assesments.

If you have any questions for us in regards to why certain ratings were given in certain categories we would be happy to answer your e-mails.  You can contact us at:




Honour is a core value of all we do at 4 MY Canada. We believe that the right thing done in the wrong way is the wrong thing. Though the political world is accustomed to bashing and dishonour, we do not endorse this kind of conduct. Because of this, we watch closely how candidates interact - particularly with each other. We believe the ability to communicate your position in the political realm without insulting, publicly accusing or berating your opponent is a sign of integrity and personal ethics. We are excited to support candidates that walk honourably, especially at times when it is difficult to do so, such as during an election.




This category relates to a candidate’s consistent comments, publicly stated positions and expressed policies on the abortion and assisted suicide issues.




This category relates to a candidate’s consistent comments, publicly stated positions and expressed policies on Canadian freedom rights as stated in section 2 of the Charter of Rights and Freedoms: freedom of religion, expression, peaceful assembly, thought, press and the like. In the 2020 context, we are particularly interested in those willing to take a stand for parental rights, physician and professional conscience rights and the rights of churches to conduct themselves in alignment with their conscience.


This category relates to a candidate’s consistent comments, publicly stated positions and expressed policies on working hard to balance Canada’s federal budget and paying down the debt wherever possible.  This also includes consideration of policies and positions on economic development.


This category relates to fostering a supportive relationship with Israel as it pertains to it’s right to defend itself as the only democracy in the Middle East. It also relates to a candidate’s position on relocating the Embassy to Jerusalem. 4 MY Canada would be in favour of this.



This category relates to a candidate’s consistent comments, publicly stated positions and expressed policies on First Nations autonomy in resource development, clean water initiatives, the missing and murdered women problem and other indigenous human rights issues.



This category relates to a candidate’s consistent comments, publicly stated position and expressed policies on environmental stewardship, innovation and clean energy technologies.  It also relates to their experience and academic depth on the topic.




This category relates to winnability in the Greater Toronto Area (GTA), with women, with millennials and in key areas of Quebec. It also relates to a candidate’s appeal on environmental policies.


This category relates to a candidate’s academic training in a variety of areas helpful to the management of a nation and to their real-life experience outside of politics.


4 MY Canada is a national non-profit set up for the purpose of helping Canadians who care about the future of our nation engage with the political realm in meaningful ways. We are not bound to the same restrictions as charities are and can therefore share these reflections freely.

Ranked Ballot Instructions


- Ballots will be mailed out in the first part of July.


- Watch for it. In the last CPC Leadership Race, over 1,500 ballots (estimated) were thrown out because members thought they were junk mail. Be sure and open / read any mail you get from the Conservative Party in the next weeks until the ballot arrives.


- Ballots are RANKED. This means that you need to put your first choice first, your second choice second, your third choice third. If your first choice drops off in the first round, your second choice is then counted as your first. Because of this, it is very critical in this current race to at least fill out the first two spots


- FILL OUT MORE THAN YOUR FIRST CHOICE: It is advised that you fill the first 3 spots out in order to exercise the most influence possible on the outcome of the election. 


- Ballots will need to be mailed back. We advise that you fill out and mail back promptly to give time for Canada Post to deliver. In the last CPC leadership race several ballots were not counted because they arrived late.


- There are very specific instructions on how to fill out the ballot. These need to be followed carefully and precisely to avoid your ballot being disqualified.

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